At AIRFAST Indonesia, we believe that our long-term success depends upon ensuring the safety of our passengers and staffs. A formal safety program was established initially in 2001 and has now evolved into the third generation called AIRFAST Safety Management System (SMS). The safety program is intended to ensure that our safety performance is monitored and maintained through an ongoing process of audit, assessment and risk management.

AIRFAST SMS clearly defines the safety accountability throughout the Company. The programs aim to cultivate an open and honest reporting culture to allow hazards and safety deficiencies be actively assessed to develop effective prevention strategies. AIRFAST SMS is about more than just working safely. It is a system that ensures the protection of the passengers and staffs, the environment, and contributes to the overall quality of our service. For us in AIRFAST, safety is the way the Company will conduct its business, we continuously strive to accomplish the safety culture we have set to attain. We want our people to be able to proudly say that AIRFAST is safer today than yesterday and its management is committed to be even saver tomorrow.
There is still plenty of room for improvement and that is the direction we are advancing towards.


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