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On 01 January 2009, every Indonesian Air Operator Certificate Holder must have their Safety Management System accepted by the DGCA. The International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO) has mandated the SMS requirement for Airline and Maintenance Organization under annex 6, 11 and 14.

Airfast has developed it SMS since 2001 when we first introduced the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manual for our operation. It is the “cikal bakal” of our evolving SMS program that we have today.

AIRFAST SMS has been accepted by DGCA on 04 December 2008 and has been socialized to all it’s employee since 2007.

A Safety Management System is a businesslike approach to safety. It is a systematic, explicit and proactive process for managing safety risks that integrates operation and technical systems with financial and human resources management to achieve safe operations with as low as reasonably practicable risk.

In AIRFAST, we strive to ensure that the entire organization is in a state in which the risk of harm to persons, property and environment is reduced to, and maintained at or below an acceptable level through a continuing process of hazard identification and risk management. It is the Company interest to achieve its objectives in a safe and secure way for people, property and environment.

Every individual in AIRFAST is responsible to participate and contribute toward the safety of the whole company operation.

We believe with SMS we can market the standards of the business and meet the legal responsibilities of safety. It is a long term investment with a high return gain. We belief it becomes part of the organization’s culture.

The aim of Safety Management System is to produce a safety culture that fosters safe practices, encourage safety communications and actively manages safety with the same attention to results as financial matters, with proactive approach for identifying, managing and controlling risks associate with the operation or maintenance of aircraft.

The key to achieve the SMS goal is a team working cooperatively and proactively to seek and detect hazards and risks, to put in place adequate countermeasures to assure safety and injury free operation

To achieve this goal:
- We must establish a solid foundation for safety efforts,
- We must care about the safety of our customers and personnel,
- We must believe that every person in the organization can and has a duty to prevent accidents or injuries.

A Safety Management System describes a management approach to manage safety and risk appropriately. It represents the most current techniques in accident prevention by identifying the safety deficiency and make changes to correct the situation before it produces an accident or serious incident.

So it is our wish that at the end of the day everyone in AIRFAST could proudly say: AIRFAST is safer today than yesterday, and its management is committed to being even safer tomorrow.

Let's SMS...

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